Monday, June 9, 2008

Kehidupan Bermula....

Hampir sempurna...

Ya, sebuah kehidupan baru bakal bermula. Dan ini, dua pokok ini jadi saksinya. Hehehe...

Kash, apa ni... buat suspen aja. Takpe, tunggu dan lihat aje kay.

Oh, saya pun dah tak sabar ni!!

Stabuxguy - Penat memandu dari Perlis malam tadi. Tunggu cerita di next posting ya!

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ZulQarNain said...

Sometimes it is useful, and even joyous, to find what you are not looking for. Seek with diligence, yet do not become so singularly focused on the objective that you miss out on all the other goodness that surrounds you and comes your way.

Plan carefully, and then be willing to occasionally diverge from those plans. There can be great value in what you were not expecting.

Give priority and effort to building knowledge and wisdom. At the same time, appreciate the positive value that resides in uncertainty and in those things you cannot know.

Much of the essence of beauty is in the way it surprises you. Life is continually renewed and made fresh precisely because you do not know when the next gust of wind will arrive.

Open yourself to life's surprises. Though a few will bring pain, others will bring joys you never knew you were missing.

You are never too old to find delight in something new and unexpected. And with each dawning day a fresh supply arrives.