Friday, May 16, 2008

The Man You Love - Il Divo

I only wanna be the man
to give you everything I can
every day and every night
love you for all my life.
I don't wanna change the world
as long as you're my girl
it's more than enough,
just to be the man you love...


Hata Bright said...

I love the lyrics..Love reading.. explore..imaginasikan...powerful...beautiful

Hata Bright said...

In return, ingin saya berkongsi lirik berikut.. harap anda dapat mencari insipirasi dan menghayatinya.


Use Whatever Ways To Think Of You Is The Best ,Only I Know In Heart,
Never mind nor counting those wonderful moment yet a lot of obstacles and argument,
Every past & now promise made to you will be on-going and will not become old,
Till the moment you suddenly turn back and look back upon to recollect the promises & memories, naturally my heart will be touched
Need to rely on what kind of happiness(kebahagiaan) to pull through in life?
Even there is giving and losing you; remember I still want to have you in my care and accepting you,
And When you are Lost and Doesn’t Know whether To Head North or South?
Please Turn and Look For Me; I will be at both The Right and Left sides
I Give You All The Love I have, so you can use in extra-abundance and sufficient for your whole life
Not only you discovered Loving, Sweetness and Sadness being with me; also you found out hope in me,

I will Give You The Most Beautiful Smile & Warm to Substitute-Replace Your Left-Loneliness/Sadness On Your Face
My prayer and wish for you, for sure..Forever will be always to be by your side..forever.