Friday, June 8, 2007

Guten Tag! Mein Name ist Kash! (",)

German For Dummies uses the renowned Berlitz approach to get you up and running with the language – and having fun too! Designed for the total beginner, this guide – with dialogue and pronunciation audio CD included – will introduce you to basic grammar, then speedily have you talking about:

Dining out
The office
Planning a trip
Trains, planes, and automobiles

In addition to the audio conversations, fun and games sections ease your way into German fluency, while phonetic spellings following expressions and vocabulary improve your pronunciation, and helpful boxes and sidebars cover cultural quirks and factoids. And, in trademark For Dummies fashion, you’ll go beyond expressions for checking train schedules or buying potatoes to learn:

Things never to say in German
Ways to pick up German quickly
Phrases that make you sound German
Holidays to remember
Emailing and Internet vocabulary
German TV and movie vocabulary
How to browse and window-shop in Germany with style

Whether you’re just looking for a greeting besides “Guten tag,” or you want to host a foreign exchange student, or want to become one yourself, German For Dummies gives you what you need to learn the language – as much as you like, as fast as you like. Gehen wir! (gehn veer) (Let’s get going!)

p/s : saya sempat hafal 3-4 mukasurat balik dr KLCC tadi. diulanggg.. hafalll ok?! hahaha...

stabuxguy - masih tensi beratur nak naik lrt ngalahkan nak mengundi pilihanraya...

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wénkt said...

baru teringat tadi u cakap nak ke germany 2nd july ni...

patut la ada buku ni.. kalau u nak ke france, mmg i can be ur private prof for free lah! hehe