Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starbucks Stuff Woo-hoo!

Hello guys!

Bought this two new Starbucks collectible items yesterday. Guess where? There's a new Starbucks now in Cenang Beach area. Opened its door few days ago (goshhh i missed the opening), heard that they give away cool beach glasses for those who came early (as first 100 customers!!). Grrr... I wish I could get one. Too bad it's a working day and kind of impossible for me to drive all the way from my workplace to Cenang Beach. Fa-aa-rrr!! :-(

It's alright. I'll wait for next time. Hopefully they'll sell it out to all their loyal customers soon. Hehe....

Just love this new Starbucks. Great location, amazing crowd and cool environment (just opposite the beach- need to cross the road). They got Old Town too on the second floor! At least now we got more places to hangout in addition of Red Tomato or Yellow Cafe hehe..... 


 Stabuxguy :)

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